Escondido Window Repair and Replacement

As much as we’ve waited for that perfect summer weather, there’s nothing better than walking into your well-conditioned home and relaxing on the couch after a long day putting hours in at the beach. By replacing the windows in Escondido homes, we have helped our customers achieve cooler homes and helped them save money on […]

Residential Window Repair San Diego  

Are you looking for expert window repair in San Diego County? Look no further than Complete Glass San Diego and our team of professional window replacement professionals. With more than 20+ years of window repair and replacement under our belts, we are the most trusted name in San Diego residential window repair, and we can […]

Mounted Mirrors, a Whole New Look for Your Bathroom  

Complete Glass San Diego specializes in many areas of windows and glass, but what our customers come to us for time and time again is our expertise in mirrors. Custom-fit mirrors are gaining quite a following and as popularity grows so does varying style, shape and size. Complete Glass San Diego has the ability to […]

Is Your Storefront ADA Compliant?  

Many business owners are concerned if their storefront is ADA compliant, but what does this mean? All businesses that regularly serve the public and are not considered a ‘private club’ are required to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements for accessibility. For small business owners, this could pose a bit of a problem, luckily, […]

The Rewards of New Mirrors in your Home

Something as simple as a mirror does not really cross our minds as ‘important,’ but looking back throughout our day it’s easy to recollect how often we see some sort of mirror, or are in the process of looking for one. Bathrooms, street corners, storefront windows and more offer a quick reflection of ourselves and […]

Summer is Here, How Did Your Windows Hold Up? 

The summer months seem to have finally found their permanency after our cooler, winter temperatures and we’re getting really excited to spend some time by the beach. But, before we can start enjoying all that sun and sand, it’s important we take a quick check of our windows and see where they stand after winter […]

Renovating Your Bathroom  

Renovating your bathroom has its ups and downs, but overall it can be one of the most fun experiences you have, especially if you and your significant other find throwing sledgehammers a team building activity. The first step of course is the demolition part. After you remove the toilet, cover up the bathtub (if you […]

Hassle-Free Glass Replacement in San Diego

Home and building improvement should be fun, not frustrating. Complete Glass San Diego offers affordable glass replacement and free estimates to San Diego residents in the surrounding areas for commercial and residential glass and window repair, making glass replacement a quick, hassle-free experience. Complete Glass Service focuses mainly on storefront, commercial door,  shower door, 24-HR emergency service and […]

Shower Door Replacement, It’s Important

There are a few reasons you may want to replace your shower door; maybe you’re selling, remodeling, or just can’t handle stepping out of your shower to a giant body of water on your tile. Either way, Complete Glass Service San Diego has pretty much seen it all, and we know how to fix it. […]

Residential and Commercial Glass Repair in San Diego

Complete Glass Service is a San Diego window and glass company with the experience and state-of-the-art glass products to ensure that you receive the finest quality glass and glass repair for?your home or business in San Diego. Not only is Complete Glass Service San Diego’s preferred company for professional glass products and glass installation services, […]